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Saturday 13th - Friday 19th June 2015

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Broadstairs Dickens Fellowship Branch Meeting

It was standing room only at the March meeting of the Broadstairs Dickens Fellowship when branch President, Professor Malcolm Andrews enthralled members with his illustrated presentation.

Broadstairs Dickens Branch Meeting image

Professor Andrews began by explaining something of the Dickens's huge affection for Broadstairs, which is on the Kent coast virtually at the end of England.

You’ll find it on the bottom extreme right if you look at a map. His talk was illustrated with paintings, photographs and drawings which gave all present a very clear idea of just why the young Dickens was so fond of this little town.

Broadstairs Dickens Branch Meeting image

Broadstairs and its proximity to the sea was one of the forces which shaped Charles Dickens lifelong fascination with the sea in all its moods – a fascination which is clear in several of his books.

The talk was particularly interesting because it was given at the Broadstairs Dickens Museum which is in ‘Betsy Trotwood’s House’ high above the seafront at Broadstairs on the Kent coast and as members left afterwards they could see the English Channel right outside the door.

Broadstairs Dickens Branch Meeting image

Branch Chair Peter Shaw – who has the rare privilege of living in the house - spoke for all the members present when he thanked Professor Andrews for his fascinating and entertaining talk and for revealing a little more of the great writer to his fans.

He added: “We are always delighted to see Fellowship members here at the Broadstairs Museum and I would just like to remind everyone from other branches and other lands that our policy is free entries for Dickens Fellowship members”

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